Places I’ve worked

IIT Delhi (2021-present)

Research Scholar(Full time)

(Delhi, India)

I joined Indian Institute Of Technology, Delhi in August 2021, as a Research Scholar, specializing in Cyber Physical Systems. I work in the Centre for Sensors, Instrumentation and cyber-physical system engineering)

Remo cardia (2021)

Artificial Intelligence Research Intern


It was an internship where we developed a solution for 8 different types of arrhythmia classification using LSTM. The end product was delivered as an apk. (2021)

Data Engineer


I joined in May 2021, as a Data Engineer, specializing in computer vision use cases. Wobot specialises in computer vision use-cases like safety Jacket detection, mask detection etc.I have learned a lot about computer vision algorithms like YOLOv5, deploying over triton server

CSIR - Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (2020-2021)

Research Assistant

(Durgapur, India)

CSIR-CMERI is a research institution in India. I had a very mixed role where I experimented with seismic sensor and the possibillity of human activity recognition, developed state-of-the art algorithm, gave presentations at conferences. I really enjoyed working for a small, closely-knit team and being able to jump into different roles at the drop of a hat.